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Scuba Diving Adventure

Darwin & Wolf 

Diving the Galapagos Islands aboard a Diving Cruise will allow you to experience an unknown world of beauty, wonder and marine life. You will see sea lions, turtles, hammerhead sharks, white tip sharks, dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, Galapagos sharks, and huge schools of eagle and golden Rays.

A scientific study by marine researchers from the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) revealed that Wolf and Darwin Islands, located in the northwest of the Galapagos Archipelago, are considered a single ecological unit with the largest shark biomass on the planet, with an average of 17.5 tons per hectare.

Learn to Scuba Dive

¿What a better place than the Galapagos Islands to learn to dive?

Learning to dive in the Galapagos Islands will open the doors to new and unique adventures where you can have encounters with huge/amazing marine animals and at the end of your experience, you'll see the ocean world with different eyes. 

We as a local tour operator & travel agency have partnerships with the best dive centers in the islands, offering complete courses to get the full dive certification and daily scuba diving expeditions also, both with certified professional instructors.

Scuba Diving Courses

  • Discover
  • Open Water
  • Rescue Diver
  • Dive Master

Daily Scuba Diving Expeditions

North Seymour "The Chanel"

On this diving tour to North Seymour "The Channel" you have the opportunity to spot white tip sharks, sea turtles, rays, barracudas, mantas and hammerhead sharks. One of the main attractions of this island are the schools of eagle rays, golden rays and manta rays.

  • The currents range are from moderate to strong sometimes, making it ideal for begginers and experienced divers.
  • North Seymour has a length of 2.1 km and a width of 1.2 km, with an altitude of 28 meters.

The tour starts from Puerto Ayora where a shuttle will be taken to the Itabaca Channel which takes about 40 minutes, then it takes 20 minutes by boat to get to Seymour Island. 

Mosquera Islet

Mosquera Islet is a reef of rocks and corals formed by geological uplift located in the channel between Seymour and Baltra Island, one of the largest colonies of sea lions can be found on this islet. Perfect to spot hammerhead sharks, black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, sea lions, turtles, barracudas, reef fish, rays, eagle rays, devil rays.

  • Just like Seymour, Mosquera is suitable for begginers and experienced divers because of its moderate currents, it has a sandy bottom between 15 and 18 meters.
  • Mosquera Islet has a maximum length of 620 meters and a width of 130 meters.

The tour starts from Puerto Ayora where a shuttle will be taken to the Itabaca Channel which takes about 40 minutes, then it takes 20 minutes by boat to get to Mosquera Islet. 

Gordon's Rock

Gordon's Rock is a crater that is eroded at the top of its cone with three rocks rising out of it and it is considered one of the bests places to dive in all the Galapagos Islands, is located on the east coast of Santa Cruz Island at only 30 minutes from the Itabaca Channel.



The Gordon Rocks dive site have strong currents during the dive, that's why it is suitable just for intermediate to advanced divers and a minimum of 25 immersions + diving licence will be required for this dive.

You have the opportunity to dive with schools of hammerhead sharks, black tip sharks, white tip reef sharks, galapagos sharks, green sea turtles, schools of barracudas, brown garden eel, schools of eagle rays, mobula rays, reef fish and more!