Trillizos Volcano

Volcán Trillizos is an excellent geographic location for seeing the small and big islands of the Galapagos from a distance such as Floreana, Santa Cruz, Isla Tortuga (Turtle Island), Roca, and Unión among others. Volcán Trillizos is a great place to rest and we provide staff that is qualified and experienced in camping, caving and rappelling. The descent into the volcano begins at the highest point of the main crater and ends at the lowest point of the second crater, a descent of about 170 meters. Volcán Trillizos opens your imagination to the historic past of the volcano, captured in each of its rocks. Volcán Trillizos has an altitude of 500 meters and is located along the slopes of the Sierra Negra Volcano which reaches 1,124 meters above sea level.