From the center of the Earth, Galapagos-Ecuadoors is a local tour operator and travel agency of the Galapagos Islands based on the most developed island, Santa Cruz.

¿Why choose Galapagos Ecuadoors?

Galapagos Ecuadoors specializes in guaranteed services, that is to say we make sure that the operation is 100% safe and with the best services, for this reason we work very little with standard services, because due to our experience in the field.
a small hole in your mask can be something very small that can damage the experience of your trip.
We take care of providing the most efficient equipment, we select our naturalist guides according to our clients, we make a previous inspection of all the hotels, boats, safety equipment of the suppliers to guarantee a good experience.



As a local Galapagos agency we have the advantage of living in the Galapagos Islands, to try the experiences by ourselves and give you the best experience

We know and we work with the Best Hotels, Restaurants, Transportation and Yatch Operators around the islands

Also local agencies from Galápagos have a preferential last minute deal just for local agencies. 
Forget about paying extra to intermediaries or bloggers and support Galápagos local agencies net

Avoid last minute complications 

Get in Contact With Us

WhatsApp Number: +593 98 961 0922
+593 95 898 2230
Floreana y Fragata (Esquina), Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galápagos-Ecuador.