"The Heart of the Galápagos Islands"
Santa Cruz is the main economic arm of the islands. Most of the tours departs from Santa Cruz and the
main acces to the Eco-friendly Airport which is located in Baltra island at the north of Santa Cruz.

Uninhabited Islands Daily Boat Expeditions


Get to the Top of one the best islands around the World by BBC.

A paradise on earth. Hike and snorkel on this stunning exploration. 


Is a low island consisting of uplifted submarine lava. Breeding site of both frigatebirds and two of the boobies.

Santa fé island

Know by the large colony of Sea Lions living at the shore and the Santa Fe land iguanas as well. Very good snorkeling site around the island.


SOUTH plazaS

Frequently occupied by Sea Lions and Land Iguanas, past the rather droopy Prickly Pear Cacti.

Place to view the Swallow-tailed Gull as Marine Iguanas.

North seymour & south plazas islandS

SANTA FÉ ISLAND - south plazas island.

Uninhabited Islands Snorkeling & Experiental Fishing

santa fé island

Enjoy how Galapagos Islanders live of this economic activity with eco-turism exploration. There is a good snorkeling around the islands.


One of the most impressive and varied visiting sites in the islands, surrounded by tropical fish, sea turtles and sharks.

Daphne Mayor
& bahia borrero

Sailing to this amazing location provides unrivaled access to remote fishing beats to target tunas and wahoo with an incredible snorkeling activity.


Snorkeling & Experiental Fishing

Inhabited Islands Full Day Tour


Where the Human History started in this Enchated Islands. Became known world-wide in the mid 1930s due to the antics of "The Baroness", the place for whaling ships.

santa cruz island

Our Naturalist Guides share their knowledge and adventurer feeling to the most relevant destionations of Santa Cruz. Tortuga Bay and Charles Darwin Station.


The biggest and wildest island in the Galapagos Islands. With little urban development, this island maintains places for swimming, ease of getting to the viewpoints, the tortoise reserves, naturally occurring pools, etc.


The Capital of the Islands and also known as "Sea Lions town" has a great spot to snorkel with these playfull fellas! Also learn about the interesting geology &human history of this island.

Half Day Activities

Academy Bay Tour

A wonderful navigation around the academy bay of Santa Cruz Island. Explore beatiful pleaces as: Canal del Amor, Playa de Los Perros, Las Grietas and more.

The Highlands

Explore The Highlands of Santa Cruz where you can visit the Natural Reserve of Giant Tortoises "El Chato".

kayaking tour

Experience the thrill of kayaking through Academy Bay on this amazing and eco-friendly activity.

Scuba Diving in the Galapagos Islands


Inmerse yourself in this scuba diving adventure. 

Galápagos is in the top 10 of  the best places on Earth to scuba dive. 

For Divers and Non Experience!