Galapagos-Ecuadoors Virtual Tours was born in the middle of the pandemy with the purpose to show the paradisiacal islands and why is it so important to preserve our beatiful earth


To provide the best multimedia content experiences based on travel in Galapagos and Ecuador. Promoting environmental education for all audiences.


 "Making the world simple, more enjoyable and productive."


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We want to provide you with the ideal class for your online study, to dedicate the video your students need, to offer you our time to share our way of seeing the world.
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trough our eyes
Blue Ocean, symbiosis of life, tropical paradise, harmony with life, symbol of hope, Galapagos is the cradle of life, with the perfect coexistence between mankind and Earth, here where Charles Darwin discovered more life... Discover Galapagos through our eyes
Galapagueños Experiences
Have you ever wondered how the people of Galapagos live? In this mini-series based on the daily life of the islanders, we will see what life is like from the eyes of a fisherman, a naturalist guide, a park ranger, a scientist, people who live in harmony with their environment.
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